We are committed to working in co-creation with local actors from businesses and civic society to improve the livelihoods of communities in which we operate.

We believe in social businesses, companies that have an alternative business model based on the principles of shared value. All profits are reinvested in the development of the model allowing the social business to enlarge its social mission and to reinforce its environmental and social impact. So far McCain launched 3 social businesses.


Campo Vivo is a co-creation of McCain and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Muhammad Yunus. Campo Vivo benefits underprivileged farming families in Une, Colombia to grow potato, carrot and pea crops. The social business purchases the crops from the growers at a fair price and a Cultivation Centre of Excellence provides training


Moulat L’Kheir was created in March 2016, during a workshop organized in Casablanca, where various people of different professions, ages and backgrounds were gathered. They were brought together to find the social problem they would like to solve in their country. Thus Moulat L’Kheir was born. Moulat l’kheir is a social business co-created by Agropros ( an agriculture company) Label’vie ( a retailer part of Carrefour group) YoziFood ( a local food distributor) Nobel Price Pr.Yunus and McCain. The aim of Moulat l’heir is to fight poverty in the rural area by providing workers with a job in the production of potatoes and local women with a job in a workshop to produce Fresh French Fries. The potaoes produced by men are sold in Label’vie stores, and the Fresh French Fries are sold to YoziFood who distribute it through Food Services operators. Thanks to the sales of both potatoes and Fresh French Fries Moulat l’Kheir sponsors education program to the children of the rural area and to girls in particular.